God Gives Strength to a Mother of Three

September 22, 2015 Andrea Bryant

“God has blessed us with our lovely twin girls and our beautiful son. With an extremely high-risk pregnancy resulting in Selective Intrauterine Growth Restriction and an extremely high risk of blood clots on my end, God had his hand in the high risk mono/di-twin pregnancy. We were supposed to have delivered our girls much earlier than we did and I attribute that to God just keeping the girls safe and as healthy as they could be in womb. We ended up having an emergency delivery at 34 weeks. At the moment I didn’t realize just how much work God was doing that day. He orchestrated my husband being there with me and the staff and medical team that we had for the surgery. My girls were so strong in the NICU and we were in and out as far as the length of time we spent there.

I was terrified at my ability to raise three kids with the career my husband has. He is often times away from home on the railroad and we have no family close to us. The parenting falls on me most of the time at home. I was scared when we found out we were pregnant with twins of how God was overfilling my plate; I couldn’t handle all of that, or so I thought. God has since given me immeasurable strength, endurance, and energy to raise these three kids. There are often times I still feel ill equipped to do this parenting thing, but He reminds me that he has never and will never leave me. I need only ask for his help and he never fails at delivering during a supernatural exchange. Sometimes we don’t see what he is doing at the moment, but looking back after the fact we can see just how He held our life in his hands and guided it and then we can praise him for his mighty works.”

-Mary Bodin