What it’s Like to Hear Messages of Peace & Hope at the Vineyard

September 29, 2015 Andrea Bryant

“I have two stories to tell about the Vineyard and they are very recent. I am recently divorced and feeling pretty guilty spiritually to the point where I pray God doesn’t send me to hell for getting a divorce. I always have this feeling that I should go up for prayer. I was having that feeling at a Sunday morning service. I went up and told the lady how I was feeling. She prayed with me and told me she sees a little girl who was riding her bike and fell off. Her papa comes and scoops her up. He isn’t mad at her. He just wants her to be alright. It was an amazing moment. I felt at peace and can start to move on from all the feelings of guilt and shame.

I have also been trying to pass my NCLEX nursing boards for 16 months. On Saturday, I took the test. I didn’t feel so great about it. I felt like this was my last time taking it and I really needed and wanted to pass so I could start my career and provide for my kids. On a Sunday, I went to the Newcomer’s class at church. I met Jessica Munson for the first time and we were talking about me working with other people who go to the Vineyard, but also work at Olive Garden. She then asked me where I worked and I told her olive Garden. She said, “oh, I thought you were a nurse”. I felt like this was a message from God to be at peace. I found out on Tuesday that I had passed and am officially an RN. I am so grateful for those opportunities to receive messages of hope, forgiveness, and peace through people at the Vineyard.”