A Place to Come with Our Messy Lives

“When I came to the Vineyard, my life was a mess but I was trying to pretend it wasn’t. I was in a very lonely place, trying to fill the emptiness in my heart with addictions and relationship. As God began to move in my heart, I knew he wanted more for me in community but I was nervous to let these “church people” know my junk. Soon I was getting prayer after each service, confessing all my fears and icky things and every person that prayed for me was loving! They didn’t judge me for my sins, rather they immediately invited Jesus into my life and asked for His voice to be heard. Through small group I found support from a group of people who were all on the same journey as me – I thought I was the only messed up one, but then found out we all are and can be messy seeking Jesus together. It is through the Vineyard community that I first caught glimpse of God’s crazy love for me, and that has changed my life. My non-Christian friends have asked me how I am so sure that Jesus is real. My answer is that I was flying through life at full speed heading one direction that was bringing emptiness, and within a short period of time, my life had completely changed direction and started heading the opposite direction that was bringing life and peace, with the only variable being that Jesus entered my life.”

-Jess Muson