Couple Builds Foundation of Love Through Marriage Course

“Our story is a story of how God breathed life into our dry bones ( Ezekiel 37:1-14). Just like stated in verses five and six our marriage was lifeless and unattached. God started breaking us down so that he could built us back up. God used the teachings in Gospel of Wholeness, Financial Peace, and the coup de gras The Marriage Course. Through that course God’s breaking of the chains took us first to the valley and at times we both thought we were a hopeless cases. Something that God highlighted to us was, He needed to take us to the valley, because just like in the mountains, the valley is where the living waters run. We needed that valley so that we would take the living water God was offering us through this marriage course. It has been eight years since and God’s healing continues to bless our relationship in ways we never have thought possible. The course taught us the art of communication, resolving conflict and the power of forgiveness. These are all areas that we have to continue to give up and trust God to help us with. These truths have helped us build a foundation of love, respect and trust. By God’s grace we can truly say we are each others best friend and helpmate to each other.”

-Larry and Jodie Rudd