Learning who the Holy Spirit is at the Duluth Vineyard

“Years ago, when I began attending the Vineyard, I was woefully deficient in two areas. I didn’t understand who the Holy Spirit was and I didn’t know how to have an intimate relationship with anyone, including God. Are those two things related? Yep.

As I immersed myself in the Vineyard community, I began to learn what the Holy Spirit’s presence felt like, what the fruit of interaction with him was, and how he always left me transformed, renewed and refreshed in some way.

Now, as I continue on the journey towards deeper intimacy with a gracious God, and his precious sons and daughters, I am grateful for the the support of this church. I would have been lost down the road to cynicism, anxiety, and self-obsession years ago if not for the folks who call Vineyard their home.”

-Asa Harting