The Fruit of Saying Yes to Jesus

“How has the Vineyard changed my life? Years ago, the church I was attending began to incorporate simple love songs to Jesus written by worship leaders in the Vineyard Movement in the traditional hymn sets during the Sunday services. During one of those beautiful songs, I experienced a powerful revelation from the Holy Spirit that God had way more for me than I was experiencing of him. I knew with my whole being that I could have a deep, intimate relationship with the Father, with Jesus, and the Holy Spirit than I ever imagined possible!

This opened up a whole new and deeper walk with Jesus – I said “I’m all yours” and I have never looked back. Fast forward to 2015, I have been part of the Duluth Vineyard community since it’s beginnings. This has been a community where I have been able to get healed from wounds of my past, to grow as a disciple of Christ, to be challenged to press into hard places in my heart, and to see breakthroughs and freedom in my life from co-dependency, worry, fear and anxiety. As I have continued to say yes to Jesus, he has allowed me to give away what he continues to give to me to many others here in our communities of hope!”

-Lynn Grandson