The Power of the Holy Spirit Changes Everything

“When I first came to the Vineyard Church 10 years ago, I was impressed with two things; biblical truth and compassion. That was a combination my husband and I had looked for over 30 years of following Jesus. That was what originally drew me towards the Duluth Vineyard. We started to attend regularly, over time I was realized there was something else I had been missing. I remember reading the book of Acts and thinking where is that power today? The answer was and still is the power is in the Holy Spirit. I begin to experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. I felt him more in my personal worship and in corporate worship. When I became brave enough to start praying for people to be healed I actually saw people be healed…….this changed everything. I went from 30 plus years of reading about the power to now 10 years of experiencing the power…….like I said that changed everything!!”