Woman is Healed of Severe Allergies After Receiving Prayer

“I was searching for more, but didn’t know what. I had a conversation with my husband about how I needed more and didn’t feel fed. I wanted to try the Vineyard as I had been trying other churches, looking for something I didn’t know yet. That Saturday night I came and Michael’s sermon was almost exactly the conversation I had with Steve earlier in the day. I couldn’t believe he explained exactly what I was feeling. I just sat there crying. I have since been coming and it will be 2 years in January. I have taken small group classes for support and to press in more.

I was baptized this past February and came for prayer because of some severe allergy issues I was having. I was to undergo testing a few days later. Nothing showed up, not even the ones I’ve been been allergic to for many years. The doctor thought maybe the person who did the test did it wrong and wanted to do more extensive testing. So he did it himself. Nothing showed up again. He asked what I’m doing different and I said the only difference is I changed churches and went up and got prayed for. He said, that’s not it and in my heart of hearts I’m still allergic. He’s sure of it. Well, it’s been almost a year and I am still allergy free. I am very grateful for that. Also, on a road trip with my husband, I asked him if he’s noticed anything different in me since I started going got the Vineyard. He said yes, I’m more even-keeled and I’m not judgmental like I was. Thank you Jesus!”