Healing at The Well

It was at the 11am service in the Well and we had just listened to a sermon on community. After the sermon we broke up into small groups to pray for one another. We started out with a name game to break the ice and then talked about inviting others to share the community at the Well with us.

I asked the students to think of one person specifically to invite and then asked if there were other prayer requests. They all named a specific person and one boy asked us to pray for his nose because it hurt. To focus everybody’s attention on that, we prayed for his nose first. We gathered around him and laid hands on him. We prayed a simple prayer thanking Jesus for the day and said, “nose be healed in the name of Jesus”.

We asked him how it felt and he looked up with a surprised expression and said excitedly that all the pain was gone. The other boys were surprised by this as well so we talked about the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God and what that meant for us today. Then we finished praying, the group broke, and played carpet ball.

-Jared Tindall