Finding Your True Father

” I was sad, lost, lonely, depressed, anxious, you name it. I had recently lost someone who was supposed to be my father. He left after 3 years of verbal abuse and I didn’t know what love was or who God was. I put myself in behind barriers and was lost in my poor mental health. Then, I came to the Vineyard. It changed my life. Thank God for my boyfriend for showing me this place. This home. I was reluctant, but curious and willing to keep an open mind. From the moment I set foot through the auditorium doors, I’ve never been the same. Fortunately, after several months of questioning and being scared, I gave it all to Jesus. I was baptized in October 2015 and now truly have someone to call my father. I’m not perfect and I relapse and bounce around, but I am growing and that’s okay. Currently, I’m on the prison ministry team, the Burn’s worship team, and I volunteer with VineyardKids and FOTV. Get involved! There’s no way Jesus can’t call you into this kind of great love with even just one visit.”

-Yana Davis