More Than a Food Shelf

“In the beginning of my introduction to the Vineyard, I attended the Fruit of the Vine food shelf. It was just somewhere that I could get monthly food from. In February of 2017, I attended the Isn’t She Lovely event for women. It was also the first time my two sons, Nasir and Johnnie, attended the childcare center here. This was the day that the Vineyard became more than just a place to get a monthly food supply. My spirit felt loved and relieved. I met and had conversations with some of the members of the church and everyone was so open and welcoming. My heart felt warm and I knew that there was true love here. I continue to come back. My family went through a crisis recently and the Vineyard had our back. They helped keep us in Minnesota and I’m so grateful to be here.”

—Amanda Durr-Hubbard