Serving Women in Our Community

September 18, 2017 Andrea Bryant

In August, we were able to partner with the Women’s Care Center to hold a retreat day to bless the women they serve. The women were able to particpate in spa activities and an art experience activity. The women and the empolyees shared these stories of the day:

“The Women’s Retreat was a amazing experience! My favorite part was the painting session! Very relaxing and fun.  It was cool to get creative and have ALL of that art supplies right there.  I loved the lunch–Tacos are my favorite anyways.  It was a perfect set up.  Very well put together.  Soaking my feet and detoxifying them was neat.  I got a massage as well and also used the Alpha Stem thing AND got my nails painted.  “The WORKS” 🙂 This was a very fun event and I enjoyed myself and I know others did as well.  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the retreat and I can’t wait to attend next year!” —Felisha A. (Client)

“It actually helped me a lot.  It was so much fun meeting new people.  Getting pampered was great! It helped me out a lot giving me courage not to be afraid to ask for help when I need it.  With the painting, it felt really good to paint out my feeling even though I didn’t talk about it, it still was amazing.  My favorite part was the whole thing, just having fun.” —Mindi G. (Client)

“I had a wonderful experience at the women’s retreat.  My favorite part was painting and of course the massage.  I liked how the room was dim during painting.  It helped me feel relaxed.  I also liked how there was child care and how the children were split into different areas based on age.” —Roqiya O. (Client)

I’d have to say that the entire day was such a success and it wouldn’t have been possible without the Vineyard Church. I was able to witness so many women open up about their pain, suffering and strength in such a unique way. These Women broke the barriers of seclusion with their pain, and turned it into something beautiful and strong and were able to truly love who they were in that moment. The support Vineyard gave these women is truly inspirational, and will not be forgotten not only by us as a staff, but the women who attended as well. Thank you for everything you did to make these women feel the beauty and worth given to them by God. —Megan Schuelke (Counselor)

The retreat was a wonderful way for our clients to express themselves emotionally.  Many of our clients have repeated hurt and sadness in their lives and sometimes they do no feel comfortable to express their feelings.  Many hold in how they are feeling and they were able to “let go” certain emotions during that day.  I heard a few client stories about their painting and it truly touched me how open they were.  One client even stated she shared her story once (at the retreat) and did not want to repeat it when I questioned her story later at the center.  She stated that she wanted to share her story but that she left some of her pain there that day.  She had not shared a majority of her past with me prior to the retreat, so the retreat was her safe place to share. God’s grace and light was over our clients during our retreat and our clients were able to open up about their lives.  The clients who tend to be more closed about their lives, opened up at the retreat.  I was able to discuss more with one of my clients due to her sharing about her ending the relationship with her daughter’ father. She had never shared that with me and has kept him a secret.  She felt comfortable talking about him after she had already gotten her feelings off her chest.  We were able to talk about her strength in ending an unhealthy relationship and what she is looking in a new relationship.  I feel that having the retreat opened their lives up to experience the healing that can come with expressing themselves.  It was a great day for them to find others who may have experienced the same or similar hurt that they have.  —Jodie Sorvari (Head Counselor)

To say this day was a blessing from God is an understatement. Many of the women we see on a daily basis come from broken homes, have not been nurtured in the way God has wanted all of us to be cared and nurtured for. They did not grow up with a strong spiritual background. This retreat day, at the Vineyard, was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with God for most of these women, if not all. They felt cared about, nurtured, and comfortable in a place where God was truly present. These women were open to God’s grace and the holy spirit, so much so, that they felt comfortable sharing some of the darkest moments and parts of their lives with complete strangers. This was the true purpose of the event and this amazing partnership with the Vineyard. To create a space so loving that our guests felt truly, “at home and safe.” Women’s Care Center is eternally grateful for this wonderful opportunity with The Vineyard. Your team camaraderie and group of outstanding volunteers were such a blessing for this day. Thank you for being a part of bettering and changing lives forever (we cannot thank you enough)! —Jennifer Woodall (Executive Director/ Counselor)