God Showed Up on the Vegas Strip

“I would say that I have tiptoed into the waters of prayer ministry.  Quite honestly, I can’t even say it was something I wanted to participate in.  And so, that is right where God took me.  From being down right uncomfortable with the whole idea, to my first anxiety-filled attempts in small group and to, most recently, participating on the prayer team and leading a small group, it has been a slow and humbling process. I thought I could rest there for a while…

…Then, on a recent trip to Las Vegas, I found myself having to make a decision about getting back to my hotel across busy Las Vegas Blvd.  I decided on the longer way that took me across a pedestrian overpass and that is where I encountered a middle-aged woman, slumped down and utterly despondent, begging.  I dropped some money into her plastic box and kept going.  Deed done.  But her image stayed with me as I reached the other side of the overpass and it dawned on me that she had had tears coming down her face.  I began to shake and came to an abrupt halt as God spoke the words, “Who do you think you are?”.  I turned around, recrossed the overpass, and walked right up to the woman.  With the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I knelt down and asked if I could pray for her.  She nodded yes without hesitation.  Her name is Ruth.  And there on the Vegas Strip, God showed up.”

—Ann LaCosse