God Beckoning Me Into Healthier Living

“The last six months, at least, have been a journey of God highlighting to me specific areas of brokenness or where I have a tendency to respond out of my false self rather than true self. More specifically, he has highlighted my tendency to get defensive when I don’t feel valued or even when someone disagrees with me. This has sent me down a path of self-awareness, such as becoming more aware when I start to feel defensive and digging into where that is coming from and how God would want me to respond. It has also caused me to dig deeper into where I get my value from and why it is that I get defensive so quickly. It hasn’t been an easy journey and there is significant room for growth, but I have already begun to see the fruit of stepping out of the false self and into the true self. I look forward to God continuing to reveal those areas to me and beckoning me into a healthier way of living. ”

—Anna LaCore