A Prayer of Breakthrough

“This past weekend during prayer ministry time, I felt like God gave me a word for a woman who I know, but not super well, and I went over to her as she was singing in the auditorium.

I told her I felt like God gave me something for her about how he sees her and about the breakthrough she was hoping for. When I said this she starting crying and later told me how she had literally the day before said to God about how she wanted to feel noticed by God and that she wanted a breakthrough—literally the words that I felt like God gave to me for her!

I prayed for her initially as I felt led and she later told me that everything I prayed was specifically what she’s struggling with, hoping for, and been talking to God about. Both of us felt really encouraged at God’s specificity and the overwhelming, unmistakable reality of God.

She was blown away by the powerful experience of God noticing her and speaking directly to her heart when she didn’t even go up for prayer, but I came over to her. God is really good and I feel encouraged to keep taking risks to share what I feel God is saying to people.”

—Molly Ovenden