Healing for Bone Spur Pain

“I recently had an MRI that showed that I had a bone spur and neighboring damaged soft tissue. The bone spur caused pain and a grinding sensation and I was scheduled for surgery to remove it.

I have been attending Alpha at the Duluth Vineyard and was in a session about the Holy Spirit and healing. The leader stated that she sensed the words “bone spur” and asked if anyone had a bone spur and wanted to experience the laying of hands. Although recently diagnosed with the bone spur, I waited for others that were attending the session to respond to the session leader’s statement. Nobody stepped forward. So, after a few minutes, I raised my hand.

The leader placed her hands on my shoulders and as she and the attendees began to pray as I experienced a significant deep soothing heat within my shoulders. After prayer, I was able to rotate my shoulder without pain or the grinding that had been present for years and remained so up to the surgery.  I found myself questioning the need to proceed with surgery but followed through as scheduled.  The surgeon removed what was described as a nasty bone spur, and also repaired neighboring soft tissue and connective structure.

I thought Jesus’s healing was based on my faith. Call me a doubting-Thomas but this healing experience turned faith into fact. I have been richly blessed to have experienced healing as described in Bible passages.”

—Bob Basara