Cared for as God’s Child

“I want to share an encounter I had this weekend at our Fruit of the Vine Food Shelf. A woman was there for the first time having recently moved, and I was assisting her through shopping.  She was in shock over the amount of food items that we offered. I pointed out that this was God’s doing, not ours; we hand out what God provides. She was truly amazed and thankful to tears. Mostly she was thankful to feel that someone was there to care for her. We talked for a long time and prayed for God’s healing in her life. We discussed services at the Vineyard and small groups where people can connect at another level, supporting and caring for each other. It was definitely a moment where she was touched by God’s hand, assuring her that she is cared for as God’s child, and that there are places like the Vineyard where she can experience that love. For me, to be able to share that message with her was heartwarming. Distributing food to those that need is a certainly a humbling service! “