Experiences on our Prayer Ministry Team

“Over the past few months, God has created an excitement in me to pray for people. I think about it during the week and I’m disappointed if there are weeks when I can’t be at the Vineyard’s weekend services or I have to leave early so I can’t go up to pray for people on the prayer ministry team. I love being up there and wondering who will come up that I get to pray for. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I feel so honored that I get to hear their story and bring it to God with them. I struggle a lot with feelings of being unworthy or not good enough to be up there and I’m just amazed that every week someone asks me to pray for them and most weeks I pray for 2 or 3 people after the service.”


“I prayed for a woman recently who was experiencing so much fear and depression it was impacting her ability to be out in public and around people. When she came up for prayer she was tearful and so afraid, and I could see the weight of this oppression present in her body. After I shared a little of my own story and prayed against the fear and depression, the woman thanked me for the prayer and left. The next week, the same woman came up and I almost didn’t recognize her. This woman shared that God broke her depression and fear and that she was experiencing much freedom and joy, and hope for her future.”