The Incredible Work of the Fruit of the Vine

“Thank you for all the incredible work y’all do at Fruit of the Vine (FOTV). From giving folks respect and honoring the autonomy to make our own menu decisions, super friendly personal staff, encouraging community engagement with the clothing closet and socializing area, FOTV really is structured wonderfully differently from other food shelves. I’ve seen a handful in my day, and though I’m grateful for them all, FOTV always uniquely leaves me with a hopeful feeling for the future. Personally, I gotta thank you from the bottom of my heart because y’alls generosity has truly kept me afloat this last year. I’ve been able to get back on my feet and now I’ve been blessed with landing my absolute dream job! Come visit me at Harm Reduction Sisters, and let’s heal this world together!”

—Maggie Travis