Stories of Hope

God Moments in the Midst of Agoraphobia

“I didn’t wake up one day agoraphobic, although it may have seemed that way. When I look back now, it was definitely a slow progression, but a steady one. My life was definitely stuck, limited, and pretty sad – a prisoner of my house and my mind. At it’s smallest, my world consisted of my…

My First Walk Of True Faith

“My husband, two of our girls, and I moved to Duluth June of 2015. I hated it here. I have never lived so far away from family and friends in all my life. Little did I know that God was moving in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. In April of 2016, one year ago,…

Life Change at Engaging in the Kingdom

“I was blessed with the most amazing opportunity to be able to attend #eitk2017 Vineyard Church Regional Women’s Conference this weekend in Duluth, MN. I have been struggling to find the perfect words to explain my experience over those 3 days. I’m not quite sure where to start. But I know where it will end.…

How God Is With Me

“God is telling me to share what happened to me in August 26, 2016.  I was run over by a horse and hit in the forehead twice, which tore my forehead upward passed my scalp a little.  I remember laying on the ground crying and putting my hand to my forehead. I took my hand…

Sharing the Gospel At Work

“I work as a night nurse at a local nursing home. Several months ago a man came in with cancer. He was very angry and hostile but had a loving side to him too. He would often yell and swear, but then say that he was sorry and that he loved the staff. When I…

Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been

“I grew up in a household that didn’t follow Christ. I did not start following Christ myself until I was 18 years old. It was in prison that I received my first bible and began learning about Him. It was during these teaching and lesson that I began to recognize my past and heal from…

Healing of the Heart

“I felt, for most of my life, that I was lost in my sins and that there wasn’t any way to change, then I went to a concert with a friend at a church and I was convicted right then and there that God loved me in my sin and filth, and He would take…

Celebrating Baby Steps Forward

“I have a member of the VKids team who’s experienced significant bouts of sever anxiety. From serving on our team, receiving regular prayer and joining a small group, she is committed to finding the help she needs to do battle. It’s been such a hard road, I’ve prayed and talked with her so many times,…


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