Stories of Hope

Healing from Hip Pain

“Last month when Brian spoke on healing, he invited people to stand up and be prayed for. I didn’t stand up. I felt much too meek and quiet. I have hip pain with a pinching pain now and then. After his sermon, I too received a warm feeling in my hip and the pain was…

Lower Back Pain Healed

“During Brian’s sermon this March about healing, he asked anyone who needed healing to stand up. I was compelled to stand for chronic lower back pain. Some people came around me and prayed for me. I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me in a powerful way while they prayed. It was awesome! I have…

Praying For A Friend

“My daughter is five and in Vineyard Kids. She is very very shy. A girl in her class had very bad ear pain and was going to have tubes put in her ears. My daughter asked her if she could pray for her. I am so proud of her! She said her friend not being…

All Things Made New

“I was baptized as a baby, grew up in a strong Christ-centered family, my parents were leaders at the church I grew up in. I went to Sunday school, VBS, confirmation, youth group, and attended church nearly every weekend. I say attended church loosely because while I was physically standing there, I did not engage…

30 Second Prayer

“I had cranked my lower back about 9 months ago and since then I have had trouble standing for long periods. Recently, I asked my small group to gather around me and pray for healing. As soon as they prayed, I felt my lower back rotate and my whole posture feels different. God healed me! Wow!”…

God’s Heart For Us

“While I was listening to Brenda Gatlin teach a recent Power healing class, she spoke about kinds of sicknesses we might have and how to reach healing. As she named them, I gasped, I realized I had a sickness of emotion as a result of being sinned against. The sins against me from my past…

Getting Prayer for the First Time

“This past weekend, one of my volunteers mentioned he wasn’t feeling well. I suggested he go to the front for prayer during ministry time. He said he’d never done that before. Later, when I was on the Prayer Ministry Team, he came up to me for prayer. When we finished praying, he said he could…

At Home at the Vineyard

“I recently talked to a woman who shared her experience coming to the Vineyard. She grew up in the Roman Catholic church and only understood a little bit of the messages as she felt it was almost if they were in another language. The first time she came to the Vineyard she said she felt…

On A Transformational Journey

“I’m on a transformational journey as our staff has been walking through a discipleship process right now that invites us to look at our day to day lives and ask, how am I showing up in the room, how am I showing up in my relationships with God, myself, and with others. We ask, what…

Faithful Healing to Nerves and Bones

“Almost annually, my right arm starts to get sharp shooty pains from computer work. It happened most recently right before Christmas. I had a few folks from our staff pray for it a couple times, and you know what? No pain! God brings healing faithfully to my nerves and bones. Thank you God!” —Anthony Schaefer


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