Stories of Hope

Receiving Peace Which Surpasses All Understanding

“This year, Jesus has been helping experience more and more of his glorious peace. The kind of “peace which surpasses all understanding”. I grew up as a kid of divorced parents, and marriage had always been a scary thought for me. There was a lot of pressure and worry attached to the idea for me…

Living With More Freedom

“A couple months ago I had a particular time praying with a small group of women. As I was sharing some of my experiences, they felt like there were some strongholds in my life. When they prayed for me, I experienced deliverance: it was a dramatic time of prayer for me when they prayed for…

Walking Lighter and Taller

“This year, I’ve become more comfortable with my true self. Faithwalking has been this journey of self actualization that has helped me realize more of who God says I am. I’ve become the most secure with who I am in the past year and that stems from lots of time with him, and me choosing…

Deeper Vulnerability with Christ and Others

“I feel like this last year God has invited me into a deeper level of vulnerability – both with Him and others around me. I’m still learning but I’ve already seen the effect of it in my life. I am closer to the people in my community. For the first time in my life, I…

More Peace and Patience

“I’ve seen God give me more peace and patience with my kids this year. It turns out that my children are not robots! And that they have their own ideas about what is a good idea to do. God has been showing me how when they disobey, and I run out of my own patience…

Growing Through Faithwalking

Recently, I went through a program called Faithwalking at the Duluth Vineyard. The principles of this beautiful experience have changed my life. The concept is that growing up you have an experience (actually several experiences) that can be positive as well as negative. You make a meaning from this experience that results in making a…

God Showed Up on the Vegas Strip

“I would say that I have tiptoed into the waters of prayer ministry.  Quite honestly, I can’t even say it was something I wanted to participate in.  And so, that is right where God took me.  From being down right uncomfortable with the whole idea, to my first anxiety-filled attempts in small group and to,…

The Kingdom of God Breaking Into Reality

“I prayed for a guy one time for fear and self-doubt. The Holy Spirit really showed up and he left feeling good. Then, he came up again for prayer on another Saturday night, when I had a Well student shadowing me. The guy told me this time that he had punched a wall and he…

Serving Women in Our Community

In August, we were able to partner with the Women’s Care Center to hold a retreat day to bless the women they serve. The women were able to particpate in spa activities and an art experience activity. The women and the empolyees shared these stories of the day: “The Women’s Retreat was a amazing experience!…



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