Does God Really Love Me?

Does God really love me?

The question must be asked and answered. 

How you answer this question is foundational for everything in your life. It’s like tectonic plates shifting beneath your life; you flourish or struggle based on your understanding and acceptance of God’s incredible love for you. The answer to the question, “Does God really love me?” is “yes.” He loves you and he wants you to live your life in restored relationship with him so that he can be the source of life for you. 

Maybe you can answer this question with a resounding “yes!”. Great! But maybe you’re unable to answer this question with a definitive “yes” as you read this. Maybe you believe it in your head, because that’s what you’re supposed to do, but you don’t feel it in your heart. Maybe you want to answer “yes,” but deep down inside you where the real you lives, you just don’t feel it. Maybe you’re skeptical or even disagree.

No matter how you may be answering this question, we invite you to explore the answer to this most important of all questions. May you experience God’s perfect, revealed, breathtaking, expansive, and unshakeable love for you during this time. 


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