Experiencing Peace In the Midst of Anxiety

Anxiety has an overwhelming power to paralyze us from living the life God designed for us. We see in the Scriptures God calling us to cast our cares on him, to not worry about tomorrow, and find rest in him. With all of the fear and anxieties we find ourselves facing this can feel hopeless. How do you surrender your anxieties and worries when they feel so heavy? When there are so many of them? We want to come together and walk through tools to equip us to be at peace in the middle of the storm and surrender our anxieties to God, who promises us he is with us in the storm. Personally, We’ve seen spiritual practices such as worship, prayer, community, and scripture revolutionize the way we battle anxiety in our lives. This group will center around those four spiritual practices. We will come together in community to navigate our anxieties, dig into scripture, pray for each other, and worship God.

Thursdays beginning August 13 at 6:30pm Email Leaderregister here


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