Loving Across Our Differences

A Regional Conference About Diversity Within The Church

The Duluth Vineyard hosted a conference in the Spring of 2016 to encourage conversation about diversity, but mostly to help us learn to listen to others who are not like us. Most people say that they want to live in community with others who are different than themselves, whether it be in terms of age, ethnicity, gender, educational background, income, personality. When it comes to actually living in that community, there are both great joys and great challenges.

We wanted Jesus to speak to us about the value of unity and the beauty of diversity in the church. We will continue to be pressing into the value of reconciliation and learning how to love more deeply and more intentionally across the many differences that we have. This conference had an emphasis on ethnic and cultural differences. Please access the recording below for an honest and empowering listen about diversity.

GUEST SPEAKERS: Geno Olison, Jeff & LeQue Heidkamp

Session 1: Audio Not Available Keynote

Session 2: Audio Keynote

Session 3: Audio Keynote

Session 4: Audio

Session 5: Audio

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