We offer regular training opportunities aimed at helping us learn to do the things that Jesus told us to do. Many of these classes have been recorded and you can find them here.

Learning to Pray like Jesus

This is a workshop offered on a regular basis to train anyone who is willing to learn how to pray effectively for God’s heart to be poured out over the lives of others. It includes Vineyard’s 5-step prayer model, some practical things that are helpful to see God come and touch lives, how to hear God’s voice, and some things that are definitely not helpful or appropriate when praying for others.

Power Healing

This workshop introduces people to the healing ministry of Jesus and trains them to lay hands on the sick and pray for them the way Jesus did. It includes information on different types of sickness found in our lives as a result of being sinned against or our own sin and how to pursue healing. It also includes the Vineyard’s 5-step prayer model.

Experiencing the Holy Spirit

This workshop offers extensive teaching on the Holy Spirit. It includes Experiencing God’s Presence, Who the Holy Spirit Is, How to Cultivate Friendship with the Spirit, and What Does He Do? A biblical understanding of what the Bible says and what God thinks and feels about the Holy Spirit enables us to give our hearts over to the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We have seen an increase of the spirit’s move in our lives following these foundational teachings.

Share Jesus Without Fear

This is a great training for anyone who wants to learn how to share their relationship with Jesus with those who don’t know him! Sometimes it’s hard to know how to live out our calling to “go and make disciples” so this training gives you some very simple and practical ways that help you to do what’s called of us – share Jesus. It’s not our job to convince people who Jesus says he is, but it is our job to open our mouths and let people know who he is!

Clash of the Kingdoms

This workshop teaches us how to deal with demonic influences in our own lives and also teaches how to bring healing to those who are demonized. It includes problems of worldview and language, Jesus’ model of casting out demons, entry points, symptoms, tactics and strategies, and our weapons against the enemy.

Next Step: Mentoring

Ruth had Naomi, Timothy had Paul, and C.S. Lewis had J.R.R Tolkien. Throughout history, God has used folks who are a bit farther along on the path toward him to help point new followers in the right direction. This workshop provides information and tools for developing healthy mentoring relationships.  

Gift of Prophecy

This is a workshop that offers a good biblical and historical understanding of prophecy, a balanced approach to encouraging and nurturing it in the local church, areas of appropriate use and also misuse of the gift, growing in prophecy, sifting and testing, and dreams and visions.



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