Compassion Ministries

We honestly believe that God loves people. All of us. We want to be a bridge that connects anyone who's hurting to the extravagant love of God that we have found in Jesus Christ. We do this by looking for ways to meet their practical needs and by helping to connect them with a healthy community where they can thrive as followers of Jesus Christ.

God is our example of compassion and living compassionate lives is one of Vineyard’s priorities. When something is a priority, it means we spend our time, money, and energy on doing it. To live compassionate lives means we are willing to suffer right alongside those who are lost, hurting, and in need.

One of the main ways we show compassion is through relationship. There’s really nothing more valuable than giving someone a few moments of your time. Whether you join a Healing Team and pray for people, serve at Fruit of The Vine, type a message for Prison Ministry, or talk with a stranger on Street Team—these are all practical and relational expressions of God’s love.

We want to accomplish our vision in three ways.

1. We will identify what bridges of friendship we are to build.
In Matthew 9:35-36, Jesus demonstrates the extent of his extravagant love by going out to all the towns and villages, telling people about the Kingdom of God, and healing people who had all kinds of diseases. He looked at the crowds and saw them as harassed and helpless—like shepherd-less sheep. He identified the needs that were to be met and we are to do the same.

2. We will follow Jesus as our example of ministry.
Large crowds constantly flocked around Jesus because he had something real to offer them. He was willing to touch lives in practical ways and heal those who were willing to admit their need. In Matthew 8:1-3, Jesus healed a man with leprosy after the man worshiped Jesus and asked him for healing. Jesus didn’t refuse anyone who was willing to come to him for healing.

3. We will Learn to participate in what God is already doing.
It’s sometimes daunting to think of all the ways we can help people in need—there’s really no end to what we can do for them. In the Bible, we never saw Jesus as “busy” or torn over what to do next—he just did what his Father told him to do in a day, and we are to live the same (John 5:19).

Jesus was available to spend time with people who openly admitted their need for him. He didn’t hang out with people who claimed they were “fine.” Serving alongside in Compassion Ministries is like spending time doing what Jesus himself would be doing. If you want to be intimately connected with him, come be where he’s at!

Fruit of the Vine Food Shelf

Fruit of the Vine is our Vineyard church community food shelf. It is open:

Saturday morning at 9:30 to 11:30am
Tuesday evening at 6 to 8pm

Individuals may attend FOTV once a month. We recommend you bring a form of identification when attending our food shelf.

Each month we serve around 500 families and we'd love to have you on our team! Volunteers are needed at the Food Shelf each and every week to welcome guests, pray for them, and package groceries. If you'd like to volunteer, please register in the weekend service program or feel free to show up when the food shelf is open. It's our aim to serve our guests in the best way possible and to lovingly point them to Jesus no matter what we are assisting them with. Contact the Fruit of the Vine Director for more information.


Providing Period Products

One of the ways we live out the compassion of Jesus is by participating in meeting the needs of those affected by period poverty. Lack of access to period products is not just a critical problem of the developing world; many women and girls in our Twin Ports community lack regular access to period products, a basic female necessity, preventing them from full participation in work, school, and life. These products are not covered or provided by any government assistance programs. As a faith community, serving women by providing the products necessary for managing their periods with dignity is an affirming expression of how God cares for women.

We offer free feminine hygiene products each week during our Fruit of the Vine food shelf and by appointment.

If you’d like to get involved with this ministry, you can contact us at [email protected] or 218-525-3462. You can participate by purchasing something from our Wishlist here and having it shipped directly to the church. 

Clothing Closet

Our Vineyard Clothing Closet is one of the ways we get to love and serve the poor in our community. For a variety of reasons, people may find themselves in a circumstance where they cannot afford to buy clothes for themselves or their children. We have the opportunity to practice generosity and extend compassion to the twin ports area through the Clothing Closet. From clothes for a quickly growing newborn to a new pair of slacks for a job interview, we get to be an extension of the love and compassion of Jesus by providing clothing for people in their time of need. We open up our clothing closet to our guests anytime our food shelf is open (Saturdays 9:30-11:30am and Tuesdays 6-8pm). Whether it's through donating clean, slightly used clothing from non-smoking homes, coming in to organize our clothing closet, or helping guests shop for clothes during our open hours, there is a place for you to get involved in this ministry! Join us as we see God's love and compassion become real to others as we give the gift of clothing.

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry is one of our Compassion Ministries at the Vineyard. We believe we should love people just as Christ did, and that should even extend to people who aren’t in our literal communities, but who are, in fact, sent out of our communities for doing wrong. People who are in prison are forgotten, lost, and often lonely. They have a deep-rooted need to hear about the good news of the gospel, but they are often overlooked.

If you have a heart for those in prison, we would love your help! Some team members type messages each week and others pray over the messages and send them out. Contact the Fruit of the Vine Director for more information.

Laundry Love

Fruit of the Vine has partnered with a local organization called Laundry Love. A team from our church wash clothes for homeless and low income once a month at the Laundomat in West Duluth. The free service is offered every Tuesday morning, and is supported by different teams each week. If you would like to volunteer or financially support this ministry, please contact our Compassions Ministry Director, Barry for more information. 

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