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COVID-19 Notice - Drive Thru Food ShelfEffective 3/17 the Fruit of the Vine Food Shelf will operate as a drive-through service. We are doing this so that we can love and serve our community by continuing to offer this incredibly important resource, while also keeping our guests, volunteers, and community safe by limiting contact. Our hours will be the same: Tuesdays 6-8pm and Saturdays 9:30-11:30am Guests can drive to the back parking lot as usual, and our volunteers will direct you as you arrive so you'll know where to go! If you walk, bike, or take the bus, there will be a separate door where you will be directed to walk-up and receive your food. You will receive all the same categories as usual in a box pre-packed based on household size, and you can even still choose to receive a pre-packed bag of meat, dairy, and fresh produce! We hope by converting to a drive-through service, we can serve all those in need it without making your wait time too long. The food shelf is still open to anyone who needs it without restriction. Each household can come one time per calendar month, and we are continuing to take new guests as we anticipate the need will increase in the coming weeks.

When is the food shelf open?
We are open 9:30-11:30am on every Saturday and 6-8pm every Tuesdays. If you come through the doors anytime during open hours, you will be served!

Where do I go?
When you arrive at the Vineyard Church, come to the back of our building where our food shelf is located. There you will see a sign near the glass double doors that states our food shelf hours and some helpful reminders, like the information you see here about how the food shelf works. The glass doors will remain locked until the food shelf opens. If you happen to come early, you must wait in your car until we are open. If you do not have a car to wait in, let’s chat! You can verify your need with a volunteer or staff and request to wait inside during set up at 9am Saturdays and 5:30pm on Tuesdays if you’re here early. 

What do I need to bring?
For your first visit, you’ll be asked to provide an ID for yourself and all members of your household, including children. Some examples of an ID would be a drivers license, birth certificate, social security card, passport, piece of mail, health insurance card, or state ID. If you don’t have a form of ID, call us and let us know about your situation at 218-525-3462. You will not be expected to show proof of address or income verification. If it’s your first time, you will be asked to fill out a short form that verifies your eligibility to receive our government commodities through The Emergency Food Assistance Program. If you are in need of food, you will not be turned away. At subsequent visits, you will only need to bring your own ID and the check-in process will go much quicker.

How does it work?
Our food shelf operates on a first come, first served basis. When you enter the building, you will see an intake desk in the hallway where you can take a number. The intake volunteer will check everyone into our database in number order, calling out the numbers in order as they are ready. When you approach the desk, you can expect to be warmly greeted by a trusted volunteer who will keep your information confidential. At the completion of the intake process, you will be given a “household size” card that will state the number of people in your household which will determine the amount of food you will receive. If it is anyone in your household’s birthday that month, you will receive a card at check-in that you can use to redeem for a birthday treat when you go in to shop. 

After you have been registered, you will enter the food shelf waiting room. Help yourself to free coffee, water, and treats if they are available on the table. We’ve got activities for kids available to help pass the time. Make yourself comfortable and chat with the other guests and volunteers until you see your number get closer on the screen displayed in the waiting room. Depending on your number, you may have to wait up to 60 minutes to shop. We can assure you that the volunteers will do their best to get everyone through the line in a timely and efficient manner.

Once your number is closer on the screen in the waiting room, you will head into the food shelf to pick out your food with a personal shopper that will assist you. They will guide you through the grocery aisles to pick out your food and help you bag up your groceries. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, you can let your personal shopper know and they will accommodate the shopping based on what you need.

We offer lots of varieties of food: You will receive canned soup, vegetables, beans, and fruit; boxed dinners, pasta, and pasta sauce; breakfast items like cereal and juice, and fresh produce, meat, and dairy items. You’ll receive about a week’s worth of food for your household size. Once you’ve picked out your food, volunteers will weigh your food and enter the poundage into our database to keep for our records. Finally, a volunteer will be available to help you carry your groceries to your car! 

How often can I come?

You are welcome to come one time per calendar month. You don’t have to wait an exact 30 days between the times that you come, just once a calendar month. Attending our monthly produce giveaways does not count towards your monthly groceries. If an emergency comes up and you need food more often, we can accommodate in extreme cases with the approval of our director. Call 218-525-3462 and ask to speak to the food shelf director. 

What if I have dietary restrictions?
Our staff and volunteers can accommodate based on what food we have available. If you have any dietary restrictions, just let your personal shopper know and they will help you avoid those items and supplement them with others that fit into your diet.

What if I need a ride or can’t get there during your hours?

We’d recommend trying to take the bus– DTA has routes that regularly come to Kenwood plaza, about a block away. Call the DTA at 218-722-7283, and someone will help you find a route to us. If you can’t afford the bus, call the county and explain your situation. Call 218-726-2101 to ask for an intake to see about getting a social worker or case manager that might be able to get you access to financial assistance or a bus pass if you qualify. If you are disabled in a way that makes it so you can’t use the DTA, you can take STRIDE through the DTA. Call 218-722-3327 for more info.

If you can’t make it to the food shelf yourself, you can send someone as your “proxy” to pick up on your behalf. They need to bring a copy of your ID or a signed note from you confirming you’ve given them permission to pick up for you. If they are receiving food as well, they can absolutely pick up for you and themselves.

We do not, as a church, give rides to or from the food shelf at this time. You are of course welcome to ask volunteers or other guests for a ride back home, but we do not have a ride program as an organization. We’d encourage you to try riding with a friend or neighbor, or start a carpool in your neighborhood.

We cannot offer food deliveries, or shopping outside of our hours. If you cannot find a ride, or someone to pick up on your behalf but you are in need of food, feel free to call our office and we’d love to help you find a food shelf near you with hours that work for your schedule!

Getting Prayer
During your visit, you may be asked if you would like prayer. Our volunteers love to pray for people! We know that we all struggle in this life and that we all need to lean on God to get through it. We would love to hear your prayer requests and pray for you right on the spot. Don’t worry, we won’t do anything hokey! We just want to invite Jesus to come bring peace and healing into your life. We will never force or coerce you to receive prayer, nor will you ever, under any circumstance, be denied food because of your desire to not participate in getting prayer. But we always want to offer the opportunity for prayer if you do so desire. Our hope is that you feel loved and welcomed at the food shelf, and experience the love and compassion of Jesus through your experience.

Monthly Fresh Produce Giveaway
In addition to your monthly visit to the food shelf, you can come and receive different types of fresh bulk produce at Fruit of the Vine Food Shelf on the 4th Friday of every month 9:30-10:30am. The Fresh Produce Giveaway is a partnership of Fruit of the Vine Community Food Shelf and Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank. Follow us on facebook to see what items we’ll be featuring each month: 

Is the food shelf ever closed?
On some holidays, the food shelf is closed. However, we will post that on our website and facebook page, and have reminders for typically 2 months in advance in the food shelf, so you will know when a food shelf closure date is coming.

What if I have other questions?
The intake volunteer can answer any questions you have about the Fruit of the Vine and the Vineyard Church. If you have questions during the week, you can call the office at 218-525-3462, or message us via our Facebook page.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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Food Delivery Service

We are temporarily accepting requests for food shelf delivery due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have a limited number of spots available, so we ask that if you are able to make it to the food shelf, or send someone to pick up for you, during our normal hours with a signed note or copy of your ID, please do so. If you do need this service, then we invite you to fill out the form! Unfortunately not all requests will be fulfilled due to limited volunteer availability, but we will contact you by phone if we are able to fulfill your request within a week! If you have not been contacted, it means we are unable to fulfill your request at this time.
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