Celebrating May Baptism!

Each time we do Baptisms at the Duluth Vineyard, we like to ask folks about why they decided it was time to be baptized. Here’s what they shared with us: “I would like to be baptized because Jesus is my forever friend and so he can be in my heart forever.” — Eloise Bergum “I…

A Newfound Gratitude

“I knew the day was coming when I would have to go to the Emergency Room. I had been struggling, once again, for three weeks this time, with pain, nausea, and difficulty eating or drinking.  On March 27, I called 911 and an ambulance took me to the ER where I was admitted. There were…

Welcomed In

“My daughter started a new school in 6th grade and was the only one from her elementary school to go there. She is normally an outgoing, funny, and happy kid and up for meeting new people and new experiences. Making friends at her new school was tough though. All the other kids already had their…

Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed

“Michael Gatlin and I were teaching our Learning to Pray like Jesus a few weeks ago. Towards the end, we moved to the practical application part where we practice praying for someone, actually “doing the stuff” as John Wimber said. We asked if anyone had any physical pain. Immediately, a gentleman named Will responded saying,“My…

Celebration of Baptisms!

“My Dad had always brought our family to church, as long as I can remember. & now I take my child to church. Our relationship with Jesus has gotten stronger over the years. For me, Baptism is that next step to build that stronger bond with Jesus.” —Shae Radosevich “I got to know Jesus through…

A Flailing Attempt to Discern

“I had always wanted to have a testimony involving a miraculous healing; even better a miraculous healing that coincided with a bright light, a rushing wind, or the doors of the church bursting open (I know the latter sounds extreme but this exact thing happened at the end of my sister’s wedding). I write this…

The Privilege of Delivering Food

“It is such a privilege to connect with individuals who have reached out with a request for food delivery through our Fruit of the Vine Food Shelf. During this pandemic year, I have brought groceries to and prayed with so many different people: an elderly single woman isolated and homebound due to COVID, who had…

Celebrating Baptisms!

Each time we do Baptisms at the Duluth Vineyard, we like to ask folks about why they decided it was time to be baptized. Here’s what they shared with us: “I never understood when people talked about being a born again Christian, what that meant. Now that I’ve experienced Jesus and how he has changed…

I’ve Been Set Free!

“My chains are broken. I’ve been set free! I gave my life to Christ at the little Vineyard Church out in Lakeside on Mother’s Day 1999. I had been raised in a home without a father. I had been to church but never knew who Jesus was. I made many bad decisions in my life.  Even…



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