Here’s what happens to your personal information when you fill out this form on our website:

● Our website automatically emails your personal information to our administrative staff
indicating that you want to receive church updates from us.
● If your name, email address or phone number is not already in the Church Community
Builder (CCB) system (operated by a third-party) our administrative staff manually adds
your personal information into that system where it is then stored.
● Next, our administrative staff adds you to the group in the CCB system that receives
church updates. Then going forward, when we send church updates to this group
through CCB, you receive them too.
At the time you fill out this form, we don’t use your personal information for any purpose other
than entering it into CCB as described above. Once your personal information is entered into
CCB, it is governed by the CCB Privacy Policy. CCB provides means for you to manage your
personal information within their system. If you need help managing your personal information
within CCB, you can contact us at [email protected]
After your personal information is in the CCB system, we only use it for church purposes and do
not sell it to any third-parties. Many of the communications we send are through CCB, including
group updates. We may, however, export your personal information from CCB and import it
into another system to send group messages, such as MailChimp. In that case, your personal
information would be governed by that third-party’s privacy policy. Our staff may also access
your personal information in CCB and use it to contact you directly. In that case, they may email
you using google’s system or call or text you using Zoom’s system. If you wish to stop these
direct personal contacts, please just ask the person contacting you.