Clint Considine

Clint started attending the Vineyard in 2011 after experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit for the first time. He began an internship in 2012 and has held a variety of different roles on our team over the years. He currently serves our community as a Student Ministries pastor, as a Law Enforcement Chaplain, and as the Eastside Vineyard Campus pastor.

Before coming on staff full time, Clint had spent time in the Minnesota Army National Guard, had worked as a cook and a server, been a security guard and even spent time as a private investigator.

Clint loves the local church and fully believes that Jesus is working through the church to make the world perfect again. He hopes to see healthy Vineyard churches spring to life all over the Twin Ports. Clint loves seeing people of all ages, especially teenagers, experience the love of God and the Holy Spirit for the first time. He had his life radically changed by knowing that God loves him, and he hopes to help others experience that same transformation.

Clint and his wonderful, amazing, smart, and funny wife Erin married in 2013. They have two amazing daughters: Clara and Lucy. Clint loves spending time with his girls, playing TTRPGs with his friends, boxing at the local gym, and trying different hobbies.

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