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God's abundant and generative creativity is one of the very first things we learn about him. Remember how the bible begins, "In the beginning God created…." Because of this we place a high value on connecting with God through the experiences of creating and enjoying all kids of  artistic expression. And we love having our gallery space filled with beautiful, inspiring, and challenging work from artists in our community throughout the year. We also often offer classes, workshops, and other opportunities designed to help you connect with God and others while learning to express yourself creatively.
It is our desire to raise up and release creatives who respond to all that God is doing around us. This happens when we understand who we are in Christ, freely receive from the Holy Spirit, and continually offer our creative gifts as an act of worship.
For more information about getting involved in the Vineyard’s Creative Arts Ministry, please contact us at [email protected] or 218.525.3462.

Current Show: Experiencing God through Creativity

We've all been affected differently as we've walked through a global pandemic over the past couple of years. Many of us have engaged in creative pursuits online or in the kitchen as we've experienced grief or processed other emotions. Engaging in creativity is a key part of what it means to be human and created in the image of God. The very first thing we learn about him from the scriptures is about his abundant and generative creativity.
For this show, we asked artists who are connected to the Vineyard community to display a few of the pieces they've been working on over the past couple of years. Some of them have written about how their expressions of creativity have helped them connect more deeply with God and the strength they've discovered as they've partnered with God in this way. This show is a wonderful glimpse of how they work and how engaging in these creative expressions have helped them process what we have all lived through as we've work to stay connected to God and to one another.
We invite you to slowly ponder the work before you. Take a few moments to slow down. Take time to notice elements in the work that don't immediately demand your attention. Allow the hustle and noise around you to fade into the background…as you begin to listen to the "still small voice" of the ultimate Creator. He still speaks clearly, and our prayer is that you'll encounter him in a fresh way through this show.

About The Artists
This show includes the work of 16 different artists from our community. The group of artists is wonderfully diverse; there are younger and older artists represented, professionally trained and amateur, and the work on display is in all sorts of mediums. Some of the work has taken more than a year to produce, while other pieces were completed in an hour or less. A couple of these artists have embraced a new medium over the past couple of years, while other have been working at their craft for decades.
For information about artists, to inquire about their work, or connect with them, visit the links next to their names. Thank you for supporting and celebrating the artists in our community!
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