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God's abundant and generative creativity is one of the very first things we learn about him. Remember how the bible begins, "In the beginning God created…." Because of this we place a high value on connecting with God through the experiences of creating and enjoying all kids of  artistic expression. And we love having our gallery space filled with beautiful, inspiring, and challenging work from artists in our community throughout the year. We also often offer classes, workshops, and other opportunities designed to help you connect with God and others while learning to express yourself creatively.
It is our desire to raise up and release creatives who respond to all that God is doing around us. This happens when we understand who we are in Christ, freely receive from the Holy Spirit, and continually offer our creative gifts as an act of worship.
For more information about getting involved in the Vineyard’s Creative Arts Ministry, please contact us at [email protected] or 218.525.3462.


A Solo Show by Kelly Schamberger
April 8 - June 3, 2023
Closing Reception – Saturday, June 3 at 1:30pm
There is a sacred space somewhere between overwhelm and boredom, cradled in acceptance, grace, calm, and tranquility. The hum of the busy world becomes a soft lullaby, the heart settles, the mind rests. The lull. The hush. This is where God speaks. I invite you to experience this collection of painting as such. 
The paintings displayed on these gallery walls are compiled from the past few years of intense artistic creation and discovery, an assortment of subject matter, approach, and medium, each created "from life" based on what was in front of me. They represent a range of skills and knowledge, focus, and intention, while also fully representing me, the artist, who created them. 
When I was asked to put together this exhibit, I knew I would be drawing on past work for the collection, as my time has been consumed with many things other than art as of late. But in the clearing out of my studio, I've been able to rearrange, reset, attempt to balance, and plan a path forward... while giving myself grace in a season that requires me to be more mother, wife, provider, and employee, than artist, explorer, and creator. I am in that creative lull, fully, storing away ideas and inspirations for the summer bloom that is coming. And it is okay... and I am at peace.
About the Artist
Kelly Schamberger is a Duluth Vineyard member, and has taught art classes in past Arts Academy, small group, and Creative Conference events here. She is also an internationally-awarded fine artist and art instructor working in the genres of still life, landscape, portraiture, and figurative oil painting. She earned a bachelor's degree in art from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls, continued her education in arts management at St. Mary's University in Minneapolis, studied graphic design and illustration at Boise State University, and then worked in marketing and graphic design. She moved to Duluth with her family in 2016 to attend a four-year classical drawing and painting apprenticeship at the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art. Schamberger has been the recipient of numerous awards and news features, participated in international, invitational, juried, solo, and group exhibitions, received competitive grants, and will have a painting included a Sotheby's New York exhibition this summer, and then in the Polaris Collection time capsule being placed on the moon by SpaceX/NASA this fall. She is a member of the Duluth Art Institute and Outdoor Painters of Minnesota, works from her home studio space here in Duluth, and has work in private collections throughout the United States.
To see and support more of Kelly's work, visit her website and follow her on social media:
Instagram: @kelly.schamberger.art
Facebook: Kelly Schamberger : Art


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