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To Report Abuse or Other Concerns

If you see or hear of any actions or behaviors you believe are potentially illegal or unethical related to the Duluth Vineyard, our staff and/or volunteers, please let us know.

Call: (877) 817-9145
Online: www.MyComplianceReport.com
Use access ID : DV

Our toll-free number is staffed by Ethico, an independent organization, providing this reporting resource free from fear of retaliation in a confidential setting, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You do not have to give your name. The operator will give you a reference number so that you may follow-up.

To be clear, this hotline is for asking a legal, compliance, policy, or ethics question; raising a concern about integrity or ethics issues; or reporting wrongdoing or misconduct.  We encourage open and honest communications of concerns and this hotline helps us uncover and address integrity and ethics issues early, while they are easier to resolve. We value the ability for open and confidential reporting.

Your report will be reviewed by an appropriate member of our staff and/or Church Council.  All reports are sent to the independent chairperson of our Church Council, the independent chairperson of our Audit Committee, the independent chairperson of our Compensation Committee, our Interim Senior Pastor and a pastor on our Senior Leadership Team, provided, however, that, if your report alleges misconduct by a particular person, your report will not be sent to that person.  For example, if you made a report about John, Ethico would send that report to Gerry, Jerry, Ann and Brian, but they would not send it to John. 

Key principles guiding our response to misconduct include:

  • We will continually seek Jesus’ mind and will, through His Spirit and the Word of God, in all actions and decisions related to allegations of misconduct.
  • As Jesus said the truth will set us free, we will diligently seek the truth related to allegations of misconduct.
  • As Jesus was always on the side of the vulnerable and the wounded, in our response to allegations of misconduct the safety and care of the alleged victims must always come first.

We also strongly encourage all reports of criminal activities to be reported to law enforcement. Please do so by calling 911.


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To Report Abuse or Other Concerns

(877) 817-9145 or online


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