Healing at Engaging in the Kingdom

September 10, 2015 Andrea Bryant

A Woman who attended Engaging in the Kingdom shared this cool story:

“God was stirring up so many things in me. I cried for the majority of the day. Some of the tears where praises! (Only women understand this!) But some of the tears were tears of grief and sorrow. I felt a sense of deep sadness. Maybe because I was sick and had to keep getting up and going out during it. I’m missing half of it in the bathroom I thought. Maybe I should give up and go home. “No The Holy Spirit nudged God has something for you. Stay.” Ok Lord please calm down my stomach so I can stay. That did not happen but God gave me the strength to stay. I leaned against the back wall & wept. During ministry time I went up thinking I’d pray for someone as the Spirit leads. I got nothing. I just stood there. The accuser said “just go home”. No! The Lord has something for me. At this point I broke out the “ugly cry” sobs and all. It felt like I stood there forever. I was about ready to leave when a woman whom I have never seen before said “excuse me but God gave me the word hands.” She seemed nervous. Looking at me for confirmation. I saw you several times today and God kept saying “hands.”  Can I pray for your hands? Sure I said. You see my hands have been like a 90 year old lady since I was about 10! I have such issues with my hands that often times I can’t even straighten out my fingers. She put her hands on mine pressed her thumbs into my palms and my hands began to tremble! Heat ran through my hands. I felt light headed. I cried. Then she looked at me and said “you see yourself as sick. But God sees you as His daughter. He sees you whole and well.” So we prayed some more! God healed my hands! I can carry things bend them and even my knuckles don’t stick out like someone with feeble hands would. God hasn’t healed my stomach (yet!) But I believe He will. I experienced God in a way that I can not put into words. So I say Yes! Yes to Jesus and all He is doing and will do in me!”