Healing of an Injured Tendon at Learning to Pray Like Jesus!

A UMD student, who attended our last Learning to Pray Like Jesus class, came with his arm in a sling from injuring a tendon doing a handstand while goofing around. He was scheduled to go to Australia soon for a curling tournament and was nervous he wouldn’t be able to go. At the end of class, during ministry time, another attendee prayed for Jesus’ healing to come, speaking directly to the tendon to be healed in Jesus’ name. On the weekend, the young man came to church without the sling and shared with one of the pastors that his arm was significantly better and that he was going to get more prayer after the service during ministry time. As he was leaving that day, he saw the pastor and reported his arm felt amazing and was feeling “warm and tingly”! Is there anything better than getting to see the Kingdom of God come?!