God Pulls Us Out of Our Past And Into Grace

September 29, 2015 Andrea Bryant

“I was lost, confused, angry and afraid. I was stuck in the past with guilt, regrets, shame, betrayal, and hurt. This is where I was comfortable. This is what I knew. I was confronted about my bitterness. I was justified (but I was a mess). I started going to the Vineyard. I sensed God’s presence and I wanted it. I attended workshops and small groups. I got prayer. I wanted a relationship with God. I wanted to hear God. I wanted to know him.  I was stuck in rules and religion. I didn’t know that I could pray for more trust and more faith and to hear God’s voice, but I did and with baby steps I started a relationship with God and I started to hear His voice.  God revealed His truths to me; truth about him, truth about my circumstances and myself.  I kept praying to trust him with complete abandon; total surrender. And in His perfect timing I am being healed.  He is helping to forgive and let go.  He keeps showing me how good he is, how much he loves me no matter what. He is showing me how to love. He gives me hope. He is my savior, my shepherd, my rock, my counselor, my guide, my friend, my father, and king. He is faithful. He is sovereign.

My story would not be complete if I didn’t add probably the most important of all: The gift of God’s amazing grace, grace for me and grace towards others. It’s a game changer. I was lost, but now I am found, was blind, but now I see.”