Stories of Hope from Student Ministries

September 25, 2015 Andrea Bryant

When I started coming to the vineyard, I was depressed and I hated myself. I felt like I was alone in the world and that I had no purpose. I sat alone in the back with my one friend. Eventually, I started making more friends, but I was still sad and alone. I spent every week praying that someone would notice me hurting. People started to reach out to me and praying for me. I really started to feel like God was answering my prayers.

-Jordan Boucher

I had a lot of questions. I wasn’t understanding the meaning of Christ, but in the fall of 2013, something happened. It changed me forever. Because in the middle of my debate, whether God exists or not my mother comes back from shopping and tells me that you’re Youth Leader, Jacob, has invited you to Carelessly Passionate. I was about to sneer and return to my video games, but a strength just told me to go. What ever it was (Now I know it was God,) I went for it, despite only having 30 minutes to be there. I got there and got lost and scared. There was a workshop part, and I didn’t know where to go. But, I went into a room and it felt like it had a power meant for me. As the group started, they talked about reaching out to people. Something I’ve wanted to do my whole life, but was too scared. But with Christ to this day, I continue to be there for people and spread God despite my fear. I am satisfied.

-Marcus King

The first year I came to carelessly passionate, I got the chance to get and give prayer.

– Connor Garegy

Through the Vineyard Church, I got to know God and then I was called to fully commit all of me to him and I was baptized. It was such a wonderful feeling and its something I will never forget.

-Kiana Cosgriff

Through the Vineyard, God let me meet a wonderful girl named Kiana. We’ve gotten very close and have now been together for over 9 months.

-Dylan Leonek

My story of hope was when we were on the Sioux Falls mission when we were handing out flyers and every time I went up to one of those families I felt hope and love fill within me from God.

-Lexi Hausmann

After a period of not going to church, my mom’s friend brought us to this church. Her friend no longer comes here, but we’ve been attending this church since then. It’s been about 6 years. It’s senior year for me and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.

-Taylor Zambory

I feel like he hasn’t done much with me in my life. The first time I had a connection was in my first year of coming to the Vineyard. My mom and I were at a small group here at the church and we were listening to the man play guitar and I had closed my eyes and I heard, in my head, Close your eyes and talk to me. And in my head I listed my problems in life at that moment and the next days some were wiped away. I haven’t had a connection yet, but come to church hoping for another so I can “talk” talk to him.