The Stories of Our Ministires

September 10, 2015 Andrea Bryant

 IMG_0624 Compassion Ministries

    • God has brought help and hope to so many in the Twin Ports community through the loving actions of those who serve in our compassion ministries. These ministries are meeting the needs of folks in very practical ways through the distribution of food, a periodic clothing giveaway, prayer ministry, and loving attentive care. Over five-hundred families are served and treated with integrity each month in Fruit of the Vine as we practically express the love of our Heavenly Father to those experiencing need. And our prayer teams will meet with anyone, anywhere in the Twin Ports to bring the healing ministry of Christ.



    • Our Vineyardkids and student ministries works with children from just after birth through 12th grade—that includes 1647 children up to 5th grade and 694 Jr. and Sr. High students over the past 12 months. Wow! These students are learning to surrender their lives to Christ, learning about the scriptures, and learning how to give away all that God has already given to them by praying for each other, leading worship, giving words of prophecy, becoming student leaders, and serving throughout the whole church. We’ve participated with God to bring hope and healing to so many kids and their families as we’ve helped them connect with God in deeply meaningful ways.



Small Groups

    • When you get involved in a small group at the Vineyard you experience more than only a nice social outlet, you have the opportunity to become part of a family who walks through life together offering hope, help, and healing to each other as you, together, become more authentic followers of Jesus. Through small groups people have grown free from addictions in their life, received prayer and support during a tragedy such as a miscarriage or the death of a loved one, celebrated new life together as babies were born, and even helped one another pack up and move to a new home or apartment. Every small group provides an opportunity to experience the hope that we have in Jesus Christ, to grow in the areas like worship, exploring and expressing spiritual gifts, learning how to study the Bible, and to receive healing through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


Communities We’e sent out – Iron Range / Cloquet

    • We continue to work to multiply new communities of hope—new Vineyard churches in any and every community that we possibly can. We started a new Vineyard church on the Iron Range on Easter 2013, and we’re starting another new church in Cloquet on November 8th 2015! We are intent on identifying and training new leaders, and then sending out our very best to lead these new churches simply because we want to share with others the hope, the peace, and the love we’ve encountered in Christ.