Experiencing the Vineyard Around the World

“I met Jesus at a Vineyard church in Birmingham, England when I was studying abroad in college. God made himself really real to me and began to speak to me about his love. Through the Vineyard there and their small groups, hope entered a pretty dark season of my life. I was worried about what church I would plug into when I returned home to UMD. The night before I left England, Brenda and her intern came to my church in England and prayed for me. She pointed me back to the Vineyard in Duluth, and I began attending and working with students and helping them become students of Jesus. God continued to pursue my heart and passions. I met my husband in the lobby at the Vineyard, and we have been married for four years, have an almost 2 year old daughter, and I have been apart of ministry here since 2007. The Vineyard church and God’s expression through the Vineyard literally change my life from being in aimless direction to pointing towards his kingdom and loving others really well. I am so thankful I found my hope here, as this community is an extention of my family.”

-Jill Peterson