Extending Our Authentic Community

“I have been a christian my whole life. I spent much of my childhood in the church. My family was always there: serving, going to small groups, and attending service. I didn’t know I was missing anything until I came to the Vineyard with my Boyfriend during my senior year of high school. Walking into the auditorium, the Holy Spirit was palpable in a way I hadn’t experienced. I knew there was something special about this place.

Through the Duluth Vineyard I have opportunities to grow. I’ve learned to ask people to pray for them right now. I’ve been welcomed and challenged and loved. I’ve been able drop away some of the legalistic mindset that I had from my church before and I’ve gained new understanding of God’s love and grace. There is something really cool about the way we do life together, the way we invite the Holy Spirit to come, and the way we disciple people here.

I went away for college to a town without a Vineyard church. I church hopped a lot looking for a community like this one. Though I attended some nice churches, I couldn’t find a place like the Duluth Vineyard. I feel like I missed out on 3 years where I could have been growing and serving. I am glad to be back in Duluth and I am excited to be a part of a church whose mission is to plant new churches around the Upper Midwest and the world, so that everyone can experience this kind of authentic community.”