God Puts Forgiveness in our Hearts

“I was raised lightly Catholic. I’ve deep down believed in God most my life, but I had lots of guilt for not doing right or doubting His existence. My friend brought me to Duluth Vineyard. My daughter loved it. It was her that kept me coming back. During my time there, I heard God’s voice, audibly, for the first time. He put forgiveness on my heart for my daughter’s father (who is currently serving a 8 year sentence). I had been praying for that. I said,”God, help me not be bitter”. One night while alone, I heard, “Just talk to him”. I was completely freaked out, but I just know it was God. The next time her father called, I talked to him. I hung the phone up with no anger or hate.

Then there was the time during Freedom for Life. I made the connection that I sought the attention of men when I was drinking and that all the wrong relationships I’ve been in all started from me consuming alcohol. I received prayer about this. The person prayed for me and I’m thinking “yeah, right.” I had a pain in my chest that I could only assume was spirit that didn’t want to let go. The next three times I even tried to have a drink, my stomach BURNED. The desire was gone. I’ve been blackout free for almost 3 years now!

The last 3 years, I’ve given God control of my dating, my daughter’s feelings, and I’ve had forgiveness towards my father for his lack of emotion towards me. The biggest kicker….God highlighted a great friend to me that I would have never chosen for myself. I’m 41 years old, never married and I’m now engaged to someone who shows me just an ounce of the love God has for me.

I was currently in a spiritual battle and didn’t feel lead to share but I’m reminded of people I know who have seen me change and grow SO much in three short years. I’d be listening to the enemy if I didn’t share my story. The enemy will not snuff out the light that shines in my life. I owe my life to God. It’s for His glory that I do what I do now.”

-Diane Zambory