Praying While Waiting at a Stop Sign Brings Woman Healing

“Recently, on the drive home from work, I was praying to God about the snarkiness I had been feeling and verbalizing that particular day. I payed for healing from this struggle that I’d believed to be in my past. As I was stopped at a stop sign, I felt an unusual sensation that I had never before experienced in my right shoulder. I knew it was God’s touch. I have chronic pain in both shoulders with limitations in their range of motion. As I continued to drive, I had no pain in that shoulder. I was able to scratch my back without using a backscratcher! When I prayed for an attitude adjustment, God gave me something greater. He healed my shoulder. Within a few days he asked me to share my healing. I have done that and my left shoulder is now healed. God is always moving in my life. He amazes me continuously with his Grace and unfailing love.”

-Jill Fischer