Small Boy’s Heart Is Healed

“When we went to our 20 week ultrasound for our 3rd child and we found out he had a heart defect. They told us there was a chance he could die and that if he lived until birth he would need multiple surgeries. We were so devastated. We had been coming to the Vineyard for a few years and we turned to our church. We had people pray over our son. I would go up for prayer every Sunday and they would pray for complete healing. At 30 weeks, we went down to the cities to have a specialist do another ultrasound. At this appointment, they told us that things had changed. Where we had once saw a wall, there was not a working valves! His diagnosis changed and they told us he had a good chance of living a better life. When he was born he was able to come home after 5 days. He is almost two and just had his first and, as as it’s looking, last surgery. He is doing amazing. We know God healed him and the power of prayer healed his heart. He is expected to live a full and normal life. God is good and faithful.”

-Kelly Wick