When You Can’t Keep God at A Comfortable Distance

“When my husband and I got married we kept God at a comfortable distance away from meddling in our lives. We decided we should probably attend church somewhere we were comfortable and large enough to slip in and out the back without being bothered or noticed. We thought the Duluth Vineyard was the best place for this.

After we began to come, Jesus started calling us to go to a small group. My husband dragged me kicking and screaming to our first small group week after week. Through this small group we were welcomed, we experienced authentic relationship and transparency, we were loved, we were encouraged, we were challenged. In just a few short months, our lives had done a complete 180 degree turn. Our trajectory that had been selfishly pointing away from Jesus, was now individually and unified in pointing toward Jesus. Something that had never happened in our relationship thus far.

After that Jesus lead us into roles of leadership, of coaching, of praying for people, of pastoring people, of challenging and encouraging people. He walked through the darkest times in our lives of losing 3 of our children. My husband and I learned through the Duluth Vineyard Church how to let Jesus draw near to us, speak to us, and receive from him. When our twins died, it was only in Jesus that we found the strength to breathe, hope, peace, and joy again. We found that we didn’t have to just move on or let “time” heal, we could invite Jesus in to every moment and ask for his mercy and grace and love to pour out over us. He was is so faithful to meet us every time with really good gifts he has for us. If it wasn’t for the Duluth Vineyard, we would have not been equipped to deal with the tragedy of losing our sweet children too soon. Out of those times and intimate dependency on Him, we are pointing other people who have lost children into his arms through the annual Remembering God’s Little Ones Service.

We are so blessed to have found the Duluth Vineyard 5 years ago, when John and Michael showed clips from Batman in church and somehow tied it all into a really great message on the parallels between every great story reflects the greatest story ever told. The story of God’s great love for us and his radical plan to rescue us all for the sake of love.”