Woman Receives Support Through Mental Illness

“I am an individual with lived experience with mental illness. In my past I’ve had 8 misdiagnoses and 8 hospitalizations. I’ve struggled since age 5, but had supportive family. I have lived through bullying through all 12 years of grade school and went through a 16 year abusive marriage and had to flee. I moved to Duluth after an attempted move to New Hampshire to be near my mom. When I came to Duluth to live in February, I had no place to live and no income. God blessed me with a place to live and a job, both within 3 months. God blessed me by helping me get through college, but my symptoms at the time were significant enough that I lost job after job.  In 2008 after my 8th hospitalization, I was told I would probably never work again and should apply for social security. I tried, but was unsuccessful in even completing the paperwork, because my symptoms were so severe and I had no support. In 2012, after caring for my parents for 8 months 24/7, I pursued work as a Human Service Technician at a state hospital for 2 years. With support from others and resources, I proved the doctors wrong and got to use my passion to help others in this area, as well as chemical addictions. The Vineyard has provided support and encouragement and new friends.”