Chains Are Broken at the Duluth Vineyard

November 10, 2015 Andrea Bryant

“Coming into the doors of the Vineyard is like the Lord opening his hands and giving you a hug. A few years ago I needed that hug desperately. I was out in despair, completely broken. I remember walking in terrified, but hearing a loving voice of Hello. It was Casey Lacore’s, sweet humble, joyful voice. I came from a severely abusive marriage. One of rape, torture, knives, and oh the cold water. I can still remember seeing the baptism tub when I first started to come to the Vineyard and feeling so sick. But through Jesus, Casey urged me on. I found, hope, trust, understanding, and most all love. My pain that ripped through my chest started to ease, eventually I learned to bathe in a tub and not sob. I was truely healed through the Lord’s kind words of acceptance. My biggest fear was to be baptized. I didn’t want to freeze or cry in front of anyone. I’ll never forget that moment; the chains had been broken. I felt a calm peace from the Lord. A new sense of respect for myself, to finally love myself. I found friendship and the love of Jesus. Finally I was home.”