God Sees Our Struggles Both Big & Small

“Recently, I had been very sick with the flu. On the worst night of it, the nausea, pain in my body, head and neck were what I thought to be beyond what I could bear. The fever was high and I could hardly move, speak or think. A friend came to pray for me, and brought me food, that I was sure I wouldn’t be eating for a few days, even on the optimistic side. She came into my dark lonely room with the power and presence of Jesus and laid her hand on my head and prayed. I barely uttered a moan in response. About an hour and a half later, I miraculously (I am not exaggerating) was able to get up. The headache was nearly gone. The intense nausea had stopped and I was able to eat a cup of soup! I thought about Jesus coming to Peter’s mother and commanding her fever to go, and she was immediately well. I knew Jesus came to me that night to give me relief. I am so grateful! Though it’s taken a lot of sleep, rest and quiet to fully recover, I am getting better every day. Thank you Jesus!

During the days I was sick, our refrigerator quit cooling. Thankfully, we had an old refrigerator in the garage and my husband could transfer food items into. It was hard, in the frigidly cold weather to want to go out to the garage to get food. I wasn’t eating much and was in bed most of the time. Not having a working fridge was stressful. My husband found the problem, and being a DIY-er kind of guy, he went to work ordering parts we needed to get it up and running. The first part didn’t work. At all. So he ordered a second part. In the mean time, feeling tired, sick and wanting juice from the fridge and not frozen from the porch, I prayed for “healing” for the fridge too. Jim had put the old part back in and plugged the fridge to the outlet – and guess what – it has been working for the last two days, while we wait for the second part to come in the mail! Our God sees our struggles, big or small. And cares about everything! This whole past year has been about God showing me his faithfulness in the very big and very small things of my life.”

—Lynn Grandson