Living in the Tension

“Recently, I became Power of Attorney to four people & a dog in a very short period of time. I lost my job due to a family emergency leave because my daughter and grandson were in protective custody due to a domestic abuse situation. My mother and brother lost everything in one day to a devastating fire just a few days before Christmas. I had to go to court to get my deserved unemployment and fight for justice. Then, my mother had a fall in September at the age of 91 and which landed her in a wheelchair and then my brother died one day after her fall unexpectedly. I then flew my mother and other brother here to Superior to live with us. It felt like living on the edge was my life.

My life often feels like the Tale of Two Cities, the best of times and the worst of times. A lot of difficult things have happened, but I’ve also got a new job working for the best boss in the whole world and am finishing my 35-year career in my dream job. I’ve learned that we call that “living in the tension” here at the Vineyard.  I no longer question God anymore. I’ve learned to just say to him “let thy will be done” every morning.  It’s no longer my life that I live; it is his. I feel ready for anything.”