Living With More Freedom

“A couple months ago I had a particular time praying with a small group of women. As I was sharing some of my experiences, they felt like there were some strongholds in my life. When they prayed for me, I experienced deliverance: it was a dramatic time of prayer for me when they prayed for the spirits of depression, despair and hopeless to go, among others, and then for mental illness to go, which, they had felt was a generational stronghold. Now, I am able to look at life before this moment of prayer and notice that over the last few years, I would feel a dark, deep sadness come over me for no apparent reason. Now, I no longer have voices in the background of my mind. Now, I am living with a lot more freedom. Although this has been a sort of bizarre, “I’m not totally sure what’s going on” experience, I felt safe because of the relationship I had with these women. And above all, boy, do I know Jesus is real. That is certain!”

—Molly Ovenden