More Peace and Patience

“I’ve seen God give me more peace and patience with my kids this year. It turns out that my children are not robots! And that they have their own ideas about what is a good idea to do. God has been showing me how when they disobey, and I run out of my own patience trying to love them, it’s because they are not fitting into my mold, for my own pride of having perfect children. When I get to the end of myself, which children are good at helping you reach, and ugliness surfaces, stuff you think you’ve got no issues with… God is right there in that moment to give you all that you need. God’s kingdom comes and breaks in.  Sometimes the footsteps of active faith are a bit like plodding through wet cement, but it still comes. “God I need you. God I need you.” And you know what? He does! He gives me eyes and ears to see my sensitive kids’ hearts. He gives me patience for them, and even Holy Spirit words to walk through loving them closer to what he’d do with his perfect truth & grace. More kingdom please!”